British Council Residency Programme at FLORA – 2016

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The artist Freddy Dewe Matthews (London, 1985) has been chosen for the British Council  Residency Programme at FLORA. The artist will make part of Escuela FLORA as of April 2016.

The jury were:

Sylvia Ospina, Director of Arts, British Council

Paula María Silva, Arts and Cultural industries Manager,  British Council

Pamela Desjardins, Curator in  residence Scarpetta, FLORA

Catalina Vargas, Academic Coordinator of Escuela FLORA

José Roca, Artistic Director, FLORA.


The open  call for the 2017 grant will be online shortly.



List of candidates

Will Kendrick

Joe Frost

Julia Parks

Freddy Dewe Mathews

Camilla Emson

Romina Giuliani





Escuela FLORA is a space for creation and dialogue about art and nature. It is an education experience that promotes artistic practices from the perspective of interculturality, research and collaboration. This programme is the continuation of FLORA’s Artist-in-Residence strategy and it has its headquarters at a new four-story building with twelve studios for resident artists. The building also has a library, designed by Brazilian artist Daniel Acosta, which works as a reading room, auditorium and classroom.


Escuela FLORA is an Independent Study Programme. The guest professors—well-known artists, curators and theorists, both international and local—will conduct studio visits for each participant, and offer a theoretically focused seminar. FLORA considers that constant feedback and dialogue contribute to the formation of artists.


This programme is rooted in studio practice and is complemented by site visits, talks and seminars structured around key texts of contemporary art, with an emphasis on Latin American art. We also have monthly visits of local knowledge holders form different ethnic groups that may contribute to the understanding of the relationship between art and nature form an ancestral point of view.



Guest professors for Escuela FLORA 2016


Abbas Akhavan (Iran/Canada)

Abaseh Mirvali (Iran/México)

Abel Rodríguez (Colombia)

Carlos Rodríguez (Colombia)

Bernardo Ortiz (Colombia)

Clemencia Echeverri (Colombia)

David Batchelor (Reino Unido)

Eduardo Kac & Rolando Carmona (Brasil/Venezuela)

Eugenio Valdés Figueroa (Cuba)

François Bucher (Colombia)

Gerardo Mosquera (Cuba)

Guillermo Santos (Colombia)

Jennie Hirsh (EEUU)

José Alejandro Restrepo (Colombia)

Lucia Koch (Brasil)

Carmen María Jaramillo (Colombia)

Marjetica Potrć (Eslovenia)

Mauricio Nieto (Colombia)

Miguel Ángel Rojas (Colombia)

Raimond Chaves (España/Perú)

Gilda Mantilla (España/Perú)

Sofía Hernández Chong-Cuy (México)

Tania Candiani (México)



British Council Residency Programme at FLORA


The British Council will support two British artists for the academic years 2016 and 2017. The first artist will have a studio in Escuela FLORA from April to December 2016; and the second, from January to December 2017.

Artists born in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England are invited to participate, as well as artists who have been residents of any of the UK regions for at least 10 years and identify as British.



The application to the first residency is open from February 10 to March 10, 2016.

The name of the first selected artist will be published on March 20, 2016.

The residency will start in April 2016 and last until December 2016.

Application dates and deadlines for the 2017 residency will be published in June 2016.

Many of the talks, seminars and studio visits will be done in Spanish, so a working knowledge of the language is preferable.

The selected artist must get the appropriate visa to stay in Colombia for one year. British Council and FLORA will provide a letter confirming his or her acceptance to the programme.





The residency programme INCLUDES:


– A studio with utilities included from April to December 2016.

– Participation in the Escuela FLORA independent study programme.

– A monthly allowance for housing, transportation and per diems of $ 1.400.000 COP for (9) nine months.


The residency program DOES NOT include:


– Airline tickets to Bogotá and back to the UK

– Honorarium

– Production budget





The selected artist engages herself/himself to the following:


-Use the studio at FLORA respecting Escuela FLORA’s Acuerdo de voluntades /Manual de convivencia (Rules Handbook), which must be signed before the beginning of the residency.

-Accept and sign an agreement with the rules and considerations regarding the use of the studio and the status of the works produced during the residency, in accordance to Colombian law.

-Attend all the activities of Escuela FLORA. In case the artist needs to leave, the maximum duration of absence will be of two weeks, and must be announced and justified a month prior.

-Conceive a presentation of the process/results at the end of the residency. This presentation will be done in the studio. FLORA will do its best to accommodate the needs of the project, provided it does not go against the integrity of the space or Colombian law. FLORA will not produce exhibitions nor give production money.





1.Fill in the Application form

The form must be competed online.

 2. Do a brief presentation of recent works.

Describe in 300 words the ideas behind your work in a way that helps the juries understand its themes, preoccupations and intentions.

3. Include 5 images of recent works

Send a dossier with five images of recent works, each with a brief description as a caption. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube o Vimeo so the juries do not have to download them. Make sure there are no compatibility issues. Write the appropriate links and passwords to the videos on the dossier.




The applicant must:


-Compile all documentation in a single PDF smaller than 10 MB, identifying the file with the name of the artist. Send the documentation to the following email address: 

(We will not receive applications that are not on a single PDF file)

-Write in the Subject line and in the name of the file the following: British Council Residency/ Name of the applicant

– Don’t exceed the deadline (March 10, 2016 at 23:00 Colombian time).


FLORA will publish a list of the applications three days after the deadline. The name of the selected artist will be posted on our website on March 20, 2016.


The selected artist or curator authorizes FLORA to use photos of their work for educational and documentation matters.



Finally, it is important to:


– Not send your files in separate emails.

– Compile everything in a single PDF file.

– Identify properly the file you send.

– Don’t send files that exceed 10MB, and upload videos to Youtube or Vimeo.