María José Arjona, Avistamiento

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02/10 – 27/10 – 2015     Avistamiento es un proyecto que comenzó a finales de 2009 en Nueva York cuando por primera vez comencé a seguir pájaros en Central Park. Esta actividad me llevó a entender la relación estrecha que tenemos con estos animales y la conexión que a través de ellos establecemos con […] More

Musa paradisíaca

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Musa paradisíaca, apuntes para una investigación (1997) es el texto que acompaña la instalación del artista colombiano José Alejandro Restrepo.
En este ensayo, Restrepo reflexiona sobre la relación entre ciencia, mito, colonización y violencia, a partir del banano.

Botánica Política. Usos de la ciencia, usos de la historia

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Mirada científica y agenda política, sistemas de clasificación como sistemas de exclusión, taxonomía botánica y explotación de recursos naturales, botánica y conflicto: conceptos que han ido de la mano desde la conquista y la colonización del llamado Nuevo Mundo y cuyo efecto no se agota en la “independencia”;  por el contrario, la autoridad de la […] More

Throwing the Pencil

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Throwing the Pencil A colobarative and participative project 2014 – 2015 –  in progress   The project was iniciated for making drawings of the flora of the different places in the country. With this aim, a working group of young and older people come together regulary in the neighbourhoods Juan XXIII and San Felipe. These people […] More

Project visualization of Honda “Colectivo 4-18”

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Between October and November 2014, Felipe Rodríguez, winner of the grant “Residencias Nacionales” of the Cultural Minestry, realised a residence of 6 weeks in Casa Deuxsoleils, Honda. As one of the participants of the “Colectivo 4-18”, Felipe Rodríguez besides Pablo Gómez, Luis González  and Nicolás Rodriguez, realised a serie of works considered to the background of Honda.   The result […] More

Ernesto Restrepo, Cosecha 23, Potato Harvest Project

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The project Consecha started in October 1992 and since then, every year “achieve a harvest”. Every time, the harvest is contextualisied in estethic speculations about the economies of the market, the culture which is associated with these practices and the history of the potato. Later it is saled – in kind of a performance – […] More

Tobias Putrih, Inspección Rutinaria

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  El artista Tobias Putrih (Kranj, Eslovenia, 1972) es conocido por sus intrincadas estructuras, instalaciones y objetos realizados con materiales simples como papel, cinta de enmascarar, cartón corrugado, espuma de poliuretano, tubos de cartón o aluminio, y madera contrachapeada o aglomerada. Sus referentes son variados y van desde la alquimia y la ciencia ficción hasta […] More

Gabinete # 7: Javier Rodríguez, Fantasma

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25/10 – 15/11 – 2014     Fantasma, del artista chileno Javier Rodríguez Pino (1981), da continuidad a la serie de documentales y/o películas gráficas que el artista ha venido desarrollando desde el 2013. Este proyecto se debate entre el cómic y la tradición de la gráfica política heredada del grabado. En esta ocasión se […] More

Óscar Santillán, Acompañamiento

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El Archivo Audible es un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la exhibición de obras sonoras.Este tipo de proyectos no cuentan, en la mayoría de los casos, con un lugar donde pueden ser experimentados adecuadamente. Acompañamiento del artista Óscar Santillán (Ecuador, 1980) es un breve video que registra la acción de una banda de Rock, la cual […] More

Subasta FLORA: arte para + arte

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 We are doing a silent auction to benefit FLORA’s programs, including more grants and studios for artists. The exhibition will be held at the Cámara de Comercio in Bogotá from October 9 to 11. The auction is on Thursday, October 9 at 7pm. Please come!!! See the online catalog on this link

Eduardo Abaroa, Matías Duville and Raura Oblitas

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08/06 – 10/18 – 2015   As a result of three residences realized simultaneously, Eduardo Abaroa (Mexico), Matías Duville (Argentina) and Raura Oblitas (Peru) emphasize public artistic processes in which they incorporate new approaches that arise from the experience of living in Honda for a period of time.   Storyboard 1 by Eduardo Abaroa, winner […] More

Cabinet #6 of the Non Natural History, Fuga and Löfström

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09/27- 10/18 – 2014   The Cabinet of the Non Natural Histoy by the artist Irene Fuga (Italy) and Emma Löfström (Sweden) shows a collection of findings and samples that simulate the exhibition of a futuristic museum of natural sciences.   As if there were visual anthropologists, Fuga and Löfström use methods of investigation, clasifiation […] More

Víctor Gama, Artist in residency

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During March, the musican Víctor Gama will be in residence in FLORA. The Angolan with Portuguese origin and roots between Lisbon and Amsterdam, has visited Colombia in multiple occasions in the last twenty years. In these days, Gama realizes a text named 3000 Rivers, a multimedia piece about the big Colombian hydrografic basins.   Gama […] More

Tree-Book (Libro-Árbol) 10/22- 02/14 – 2013

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10/22- 02/14 – 2013 In November 2011, the Libro-Arbol (Tree-Book) workshop was held in Plataforma Bogotá, a project in which students from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and artists from Bogotá collaborated with artists Mark Dion and Felipe Arturo. The Project consisted in the making of a series of tree-books − in a dialogue between […] More

Gómez & Gonzáles, Tarifa’s Cabinet

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10/26- 11/16 – 2013       Since 2002 we are collectively working a serie of projects about recovering places going through desappearance or abandon process. Intervening inhabited buldings through photographic explorations and printing by detaching walls’ paint from large surfaces, trying to withdraw its state record and create, al last, a physical and documentary […] More

Daniel Acosta: Spaces of inclusion

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    Achieving an undefined place between architecture, design and art, the work of Daniel Acosta (Rio Grande, Brasil, 1965) questions the proverbial uselessness of the last one. His sculptures/spaces/furniture invite the spectator to experience the active exercise of participation, interaction and dialog.     Acosta invoke a long architectural and design tradition grounded in […] More

Mark Dion, Field Station

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 10/22- 12/14 – 2013         During October of 2013, Mark Dion developed his project Field Station Honda, a cientific/artistic expedition in Honda, Tolima, done in colaboration with Dana Sherwood and a group of artists that included Diego Benavides, Margarita Besosa, Olga Lucía García, Juan Pablo Gaviria, María Paula Moreno and Eulalia de Valdenebro. […] More

Beca Legorburu/Artist in Residency 2014

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Today we contacted by email the finalists in order to schedule appointments to interview them on Monday, December 17 either in person or by videoconference.   Next week we will be sending letters to all applicants that were not selected.   The name of the selected artist will be posted on our website on December […] More

No Way of Life is Inevitable

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17/08 – 14/09   – 2013 I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854) – No […] More

The whole of Acre in a single tree

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So, because I learned without a teacher, you can call me a forest painter. Because only those who have lived there are able to discover the mysteries of nature though our Indian brothers, lords of the forest.
Hélio Melo [1]

The Sculptural Space

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  The Sculptural Space is the work, that has me most impressed in many years of visitating museums and organizing exhibitions. Made by a group by Matías Goeritz, Helen Escobedo, Manuel Felguérez, Hersúa, Sebastián and Federico Silva, more than tree decades ago, the Sculptural Space is a mixture of a architectural enclosure, a geologic experience, a cosmic […] More

Interview: Alberto Baraya

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  JR: In the Herbarium of Artificial Plants is a multipe stategy: the figure of the botanical naturalist was displaced, his practice is parodied, the objectivity of his methods questioned and the subject of his studies – the plant – is a imitation of the original. Do you see your work as a form of […] More