Saha Residency




The jury composed by the curatorial team of FLORA ars+natura: José Roca (artistic director), Adriana María Pineda (curator in residence) and Mariela Silva (curatorial assistant);  evaluated the applications and selected the artist:


Erkan Öznur


Who will participate of  Escuela FLORA 2018.


We thank all the artists who applied



Download the conditions here Saha Flora Residency Application

Application form here

SAHA – Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey

Residency Programme for one artist from Turkey




Evrim Kavcar
Burcak Konukman
Erkan Öznur
Huo Rf
Mükerrem Tuncay


PROGRAMME DATE: from February 5th to December 13th 2018.


A scholarship for an artist from Turkey will be supported by SAHA, for the academic year from February to December 2018.


The grant for Escuela FLORA 2018 is offered an artist from Turkey under 40 at the date of the deadline (November 13th 2017).


The programme, which includes talks, seminars and studio visits, is conducted mostly in Spanish so a working knowledge of the language is preferable.





– A studio space over the length of the programme (ten months) including utilities.

– Participation in Escuela FLORA 2018 and its full programme of talks, seminars and studio visits.

– A monthly allowance to contribute towards accommodation, transportation and per diems of COP $1.400.000 for ten months.

– A production budget ($1.000)
– Airline tickets to Bogotá and back to Turkey



The selected artist will commit TO THE FOLLOWING:


(All these items are obligatory. If the artist is in breach of one of those, her/his grant will be cancelled).


– The recipient of the award must apply for a one-year visa to stay in Colombia. For more information about the application to a ‘Cédula de Extranjería’ visit:


– Upon arrival to Colombia, the recipient must acquire health insurance from a local provider (EPS). The artist must present proof of payment every month to receive the programme’s monthly allowance. FLORA will not release the monthly allowance without such evidence.


– Use the studio at FLORA under Escuela FLORA’s Acuerdo de voluntades /Manal de convivencia (Rules Handbook), which must be signed before the beginning of the residency.


– Accept and sign an agreement of compliance to the rules and considerations regarding the use of the studio and the status of the works produced during the residency, in accordance to Colombian law.


– Attend all the activities of Escuela FLORA. In case the artist needs to leave, the maximum duration of absence will be of two weeks, and must be announced and justified a month prior.


– Conceive a presentation of the process/results at the end of the residency. This presentation will be done in the studio. FLORA will do its best to accommodate the needs of the project, provided it does not go against the integrity of the space or Colombian law. FLORA will not produce exhibitions nor provide additional production budgets.





  1. Fill in the Application form

The form must be competed online.


  1. Brief biography

Send a brief professional biography (300 words maximum)


  1. Brief presentation of recent works.

Describe the ideas behind your work in a way that helps the jurors understand its themes, concerns and intentions (300 words).


  1. Include 5 images of recent works

Send a dossier with five images of recent works, each with a brief description. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo so the juror’s don´t need to download them. Make sure there are no compatibility issues. Please include the appropriate links and passwords to the videos on the dossier.


  1. Develop a workshop for the San Felipe community

Send a workshop proposal for young artists and/or for people from San Felipe, FLORA’s neighbourhood. San Felipe has several schools, a church, a wetland, and a jail. FLORA recommends focusing on one of these sectors. However, there are no restrictions on the artist to address and explore other themes, formats and audience engagement.




– Compile all documentation in a single PDF smaller than 10 MB, identifying the file with the name of the artist. Send the documentation to the following email address: 

(We will not receive applications that are not on a single PDF file).

– Write in the Subject line and in the name of the file the following: Saha Residency/ Name of the applicant.

– Don’t exceed the deadline (November 13th, 2017 at 23 hrs. – Colombian time).


FLORA will publish a list of the applications 3 days after the deadline. The name of the selected artist will be posted on our website on November 30th, 2017.


The selected artist authorizes FLORA to use photos of their work for educational and documentation matters.




– Files should be sent in one singe email.

– The application should be compiled in one single PDF. Separate files will not be accepted.

– The file should be identified.

– The file should not be larger than 10 MB, videos should be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.

About SAHA

SAHA is a non-governmental organization established in 2011 by a group of art enthusiasts united around the shared goal of supporting contemporary arts from Turkey. SAHA directly collaborates with international arts institutions for the realization of commissioned or invited projects; acts as a facilitator in the project development phase and raises funds if and when necessary. SAHA aims to improve the production and presentation infrastructure of artists, curators, and critics working in the field of contemporary art and to enhance their interactions with international networks.